BuildStream documentation

These docs cover everything you need to build and integrate software stacks using BuildStream.

They begin with a basic introduction to BuildStream, background information on basic concepts, and a guide to the BuildStream command line interface. Later sections provide detailed information on BuildStream internals.

Available versions:

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There are two major versions of BuildStream currently supported.

  • BuildStream 2 is the upcoming major version, currently in beta (see the 'development snapshot' versions). We recommend that new projects consider using BuildStream 2 already as it is feature complete and awaiting final release.
  • BuildStream 1 is the "classic taste" version, stable and supported since 2018. No new feature development is planned for BuildStream 1.

Unstable development snapshots are also available. These are mostly aimed at developers working on BuildStream itself, and might be more prone to bugs or things that have been fixed in subsequent releases.

If you want to build a specific project, check its project.conf file for the min-version. If the setting is 2.0 or above you need BuildStream 2, if the setting is not present then you need BuildStream 1.

Note that a porting guide is available to help you migrate projects from BuildStream 1 to BuildStream 2.

Stable versions:

Development snapshots: