git pluginΒΆ

A Source implementation for staging git checkouts


# Specify the git source kind
kind: git

# Optionally specify a relative staging directory
# directory: path/to/stage

# Specify the repository url, using an alias defined
# in your project configuration is recommended.
url: upstream:foo.git

# Optionally specify a symbolic tracking branch or tag, this
# will be used to update the 'ref' when refreshing the pipeline.
track: master

# Specify the commit ref, this must be specified in order to
# checkout sources and build, but can be automatically updated
# if the 'track' attribute was specified.
ref: d63cbb6fdc0bbdadc4a1b92284826a6d63a7ebcd

# If your repository has submodules, explicitly specifying the
# url from which they are to be fetched allows you to easily
# rebuild the same sources from a different location. This is
# especially handy when used with project defined aliases which
# can be redefined at a later time.
    url: upstream:bar.git
    url: upstream:baz.git