script - Run scripts to create outputΒΆ

This element allows one to run some commands to mutate the input and create some output.


Script elements may only specify build dependencies. See the format documentation for more detail on specifying dependencies.

The default configuration and possible options are as such:
# Common script element variables
  # Defines the directory commands will be run from.
  cwd: /

# Script element configuration

  # Defines whether to run the sandbox with '/' read-only.
  # It is recommended to set root as read-only wherever possible.
  root-read-only: False

  # Defines where to stage elements which are direct or indirect dependencies.
  # By default, all direct dependencies are staged to '/'.
  # This is also commonly used to take one element as an environment
  # containing the tools used to operate on the other element.
  # layout:
  # - element: foo-tools.bst
  #   destination: /
  # - element: foo-system.bst
  #   destination: %{build-root}

  # List of commands to run in the sandbox.
  commands: []