bzr - stage files from a bazaar repositoryΒΆ

Host dependencies:

  • bzr


# Specify the bzr source kind
kind: bzr

# Optionally specify a relative staging directory
# directory: path/to/stage

# Specify the bzr url. Bazaar URLs come in many forms, see
# `bzr help urlspec` for more information. Using an alias defined
# in your project configuration is encouraged.

# Specify the tracking branch. This is mandatory, as bzr cannot identify
# an individual revision outside its branch. bzr URLs that omit the branch
# name implicitly specify the trunk branch, but bst requires this to be
# explicit.
track: trunk

# Specify the ref. This is a revision number. This is usually a decimal,
# but revisions on a branch are of the form
# <revision-branched-from>.<branch-number>.<revision-since-branching>
# e.g. 6622.1.6.
# The ref must be specified to build, and 'bst track' will update the
# revision number to the one on the tip of the branch specified in 'track'.
ref: 6622