Foundation types

class Scope

Bases: enum.Enum

Defines the scope of dependencies to include for a given element when iterating over the dependency graph in APIs like Element.dependencies()

ALL = 1

All elements which the given element depends on, following all elements required for building. Including the element itself.


All elements required for building the element, including their respective run dependencies. Not including the given element itself.

RUN = 3

All elements required for running the element. Including the element itself.

NONE = 4

Just the element itself, no dependencies.

Since: 1.4

class Consistency

Bases: object

Defines the various consistency states of a Source.



Inconsistent sources have no explicit reference set. They cannot produce a cache key, be fetched or staged. They can only be tracked.



Resolved sources have a reference and can produce a cache key and be fetched, however they cannot be staged.



Sources have a cached unstaged copy in the source directory.

class CoreWarnings

Bases: object

Some common warnings which are raised by core functionalities within BuildStream are found in this class.

OVERLAPS = 'overlaps'

This warning will be produced when buildstream detects an overlap on an element which is not whitelisted. See Overlap Whitelist

REF_NOT_IN_TRACK = 'ref-not-in-track'

This warning will be produced when a source is configured with a reference which is found to be invalid based on the configured track

BAD_ELEMENT_SUFFIX = 'bad-element-suffix'

This warning will be produced when an element whose name does not end in .bst is referenced either on the command line or by another element

BAD_CHARACTERS_IN_NAME = 'bad-characters-in-name'

This warning will be produces when filename for a target contains invalid characters in its name.